How to care for your leather furniture

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If you have a leather lounge, it’s extremely important to clean it up as often as possible. Proper leather care can help increase the longevity of your lounge, and it will also make it a lot easier for you to lower the maintenance costs as well. But what can you do to increase the lifespan of genuine leather lounges? Here are some great ideas for you to take into consideration. Remove the dirt, grime and debris You need to remove the large debris from your Chesterfield lounges with a vacuum. If your vacuum has a brush attachment, use that. The brush bristles will help you prevent any scratches, and it will surely help you a lot in that perspective. Dusting leather lounges will help a lot. The idea is to remove all the large debris from your lounge. That’s especially true if you have genuine leather lounges, as they require careful removal of all debris before you use any cleaning solutions. Routine cleaning ideas Cleaning chesterfield lounges is pretty much similar to any other leather care you want to do. The idea here is to start with a homemade solution. You want to combine an equal part of white vinegar and water in a small bowl. Make sure that you opt for distilled water, as this will make the cleaning process a lot more comprehensive. Plus, tap water can damage leather too. Of course, you can use a commercial leather cleaner, but you have to find one that’s particularly suitable for chesterfield lounges. Once you pick the desired cleaning solution, you have to dip a small rag in that solution and scrub the sofa a little bit. A good rule here is to scrub the sofa just a tiny bit, this way you can make sure that you avoid any problem which may appear at times. After completing this task, make sure that you wipe the sofa dry. This way you will make sure that not even some of the cleaning solution will sit on the leather lounge and potentially ruin it in the long run. Dealing with stains Whether you like it or not, genuine leather lounges will always end up having even some small stains. That’s natural and normal, so don’t worry that much about it. The thing you want to do here is to remove these stains as quickly as possible. You need to wipe the leather surface with a cleaning solution, and then you have to dry the leather. In case you notice that the stain remains, you can apply some cornstarch or baking soda directly to the stain. This will let the powder sit for a few hours and then you can brush it away. In case you deal with ink stains, you have to blot the ink stain with a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Again, you don’t want to push it too much into the leather, as even lots of rubbing alcohol can cause leather damage. But what about coffee and liquids that you just spilled on your chesterfield lounges? If that happens, what you want to do here is to clean the liquid and then cleanse the leather with a dedicated cleaning solution. Lounge conditioning Conditioning is very helpful if you want to increase the lifespan of your Chesterfield lounge. You can create a solution from lemon/tea tree oil as well as vinegar. Olive oil is not good here; you do need to use only tea tree oil if you want to obtain some good results. Once you have this solution ready to go, you have to apply this to the entire couch. As always, you don’t want to drench your lounge, so rubbing the solution with a circular motion is exactly what you need here. Using a clean cloth to buff the sofa will help you a lot too. This will make it easy for you to retain the shiny and soft appeal of your genuine leather lounge. Remember that this treatment is great for Chesterfield lounges, but it will work for just about any leather lounges out there. If you want to take care of your Chesterfield lounge the right way, don’t hesitate and use the ideas listed above. They will help prevent any lounge damage, all while making sure that your lounge is protected in the long term as well. While you can use chemical-based cleaning solutions, you can also opt for regular cleaning systems and ideas that you will find on this list too. It all comes down to you to figure out which is the right option, but the return on investment will be second to none in the end!

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